Friday, 5 November 2010

The Guards at Inkerman

A couple of well-known images of the British Foot Guards at Inkerman.

First, one of William Simpson’s engravings from The Seat of War in the East shows the Guards at the Sandbag Battery. In the course of a desperate struggle, this feature changed hands four times in forty minutes, with the Guards ultimately victorious.

The other picture is Lady Butler’s The Return from Inkerman, now in the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull. It shows men of the Coldstream Guards and the 20th (East Devonshire) Regiment trudging back to camp after the battle. All the Devons appear to be wearing the round forage cap while the Guardsmen are in a mixture of bearskins and the Guards’ distinctive sidecaps.

Some good quality 28mm figures of British infantry in greatcoats (both Guards and Line) would be very welcome.

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  1. How epic it is!!
    But where are the zouaves who saved the day!!(french "esprit de corps LOL!!)