Friday, 3 September 2010

Siege of Metz 1870

Started today 140 years ago. More here. The caption for this image reads
Generalfeldmarschall Graf Wrangel als "Schlachtenbummler" im Alter von 86 Jahren mit seinem ehrenhalber zugeordneten Stab bei Corny an der Mosel bei Metz, September 1870

Not sure what that means...

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  1. I think this can be translated as:

    Field Marshal Count Wrangel as a “battlefield tourist” at the age of 86, with the honorary staff that had been assigned to him, at Corny on the Moselle near Metz, September 1870.

    Wrangel, a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, had been the commander of the Prussian army in the 1864 war against Denmark. He has quite a full Wikipedia entry.