Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Radetsky acquired by Warlord

I am interested in this - maybe they're going to do French - sculptor is Paul Hicks; gallery of Brits here

Press release from here

'Warlord Games are delighted to announce the acquisition of Radetsky Miniatures’ 28mm Crimean War range.

Sadly Paul Hammond, owner of Radetsky (and also Alban Miniatures), has health issues and cannot devote as much time and energy to this range as he feels it deserves.

We are extremely excited to bring this high quality range, sculpted as it is by Paul Hicks, under our wing. As with our recent purchase of Bolt Action Miniatures we continue to keep an eye out for quality ranges to add to our growing portfolio.

Warlord Games are committed to increasing the depth and breadth of the range as not only it it a period of history both John Stallard and Paul Sawyer (Warlord owners) hold dear to their hearts but it also helps support Warlord’s Black Powder rules which cover the 1700-1900 period.

It will take a few days to finalise the logistics of the deal but expect to see the Crimean British on Warlord Games’ webstore very soon.

We’d like to thank Paul for this opportunity, his enthusiasm, and wish him and Alban Miniatures all the best in the future.'

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