Saturday 25 September 2010

History of the First Battalion Coldstream Guards during the eastern campaign ... By John Wyatt 1858

In full on Google books. Excellent reference for anyone interested in the Guards brigade in the Crimea. Wyatt was a surgeon so a lot of information on the sick and their care. As is my custom I will give you a brief snippet from around the 26th September 54.
After three hours' march, the Battalion encamped upon the plain just outside the town of Balaklava, near the village of Kadekoi. The gardens, which were said to be one of the sources of supply for the inhabitants of Sebastopol, were most carefully cultivated, and there is little doubt that the freeddm with which the men partook of the fruit during the period they were encamped in this locality tended materially to predispose to the increase of Diarrhoea which ensued. The encampment was moved about one mile next day, and for a similar distance on the 30th, when two of the men were attacked with Cholera, one of whom died. A couple of additional bell-tents were now procured from the Quartermaster General's Department, after an earnest representation made by the Surgeon to the Commanding Officer.

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