Sunday, 5 September 2010

The dearth of decent French in 28mm

Been chatting to Paco who has a great blog on 19thc French North Africa and he pointed out that there was a distinct lack of French for the Crimea and Italy in kepis and capotes in 28mm. There is a poor selection of available cavalry also. For example noone does Spahis! Anyway I thought it might be interesting to throw the debate out there and see what anyone else thinks.
I must admit being a bit of a frustrated sculptor - maybe I'll get some of these Ebob armatures (dollies) for 28mm and have a go. I've done some sculpting but not for a while. I haven't got round to getting any of these but I really like the idea - royalty free foot figures and horses so you just work on with the greenstuff, do the equipment and the detail. If there are any would-be sculptors reading this then maybe get in touch.

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  1. Hello, it's a geat idear !!
    A l of french playes are waiting for a new range of french second empire (Criméa , Italy....)

    best regards