Monday, 13 September 2010

Crimean War in the UK

Had an email yesterday from an ACW reenactor in the UK who is putting together infantry kit for a Russian in the Crimean war and it started me thinking about how to popularise this period in Britain and so on and here's my initial thoughts;
There are quite a few groups over here doing British regiments of the Crimea - cavalry and infantry - but they are involved with mostly displays. How to broaden it out would be to find an event sponsor who could bring over the Russian and Ukrainian reenactors for a big event. The Russians are mostly depicting Russians but also have French and all manner whereas we pretty much have Redcoats and nothing else so the two lots complement each other. ACW reenactors keen to get in on the event could recreate British artillery, civilians and so on.
Finding a sponsor in these cash-strapped times might be a hard one but the kudos of having Russians over might make it an event that is a publicist's dream and handled well could yield tv coverage etc. and make a spectacular festival.

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