Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Crimean skirmish

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Found this and thought it interesting...could make an amusing low budget battle movie.
"Incident in Crimea - A party of ten men of the 33rd encounter a dozen Russians. Both sides having expended all their ammunition, resort to throwing stones."
Who won?
It wasn't unique this account from the Pictorial history of the Russian War
On one occasion, these light troops nearly met at some quarries situated in front of the Redan; and when the British riflemen had exhausted their store of ammunition, nothing daunted, they picked up stones and hurled them at the enemy ; the Russians, surprised at such a mode of fighting, resolved to imitate it, and then ensued a battery and counter-battery of these missiles; but the British proved more skilful, or at least more successful, than the Russians in the art of stone-throwing, and the latter retired

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