Saturday 4 September 2010

Continental Wars Society

Thought I ought to mention this society which has a newsletter and publishes booklets. Haven't seen them but looking down through the bumph the cd of back issues looks worth getting.

The Foreign Correspondent
The newsletter of the Continental Wars Society

"The newsletter of the Continental Wars Society. Each issue contains articles on battles, uniforms, book and figure reviews of various armies in 19th century Europe, from the end of the Napoleonic era to the beginning of the 20th century.

"Membership in the Society costs £6.00 GBP/$10 USD per year.

"In addition, The Continental Wars Society also publishes several booklets. The Society's booklets available at present are:

1. The Hanoverian army and Langensalza by John Pocock
2. The Polish Army 1815 to 1831 by W J Fiedler
3. The Bavarian army in the 1866 campaign by John Pocock
4. The battle of Montebello 1859 by Ralph Weaver
5. The battle of Froeschwiller by Richard Brooks

"All booklets cost £6.00 GBP/$10 USD (which includes postage). Further titles are in preparation.

"There are also a few copies left of Custoza 1866 by John Pocock at £12.00 GBP/$20 USD (which includes postage).

"A CD with back issues #1-69 (and all 5 issues of Blood and Iron) costs £6.00 GBP/$10 USD.

"Interested subscribers can contact Ralph Weaver at U.S. customers can contact the Society's U.S. agent, Robert Burke, at"

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