Thursday 9 September 2010

Belgians in 1914

It's nice to get emails from readers - I am sort of thinking maybe I shouldn't be going on about 1914 Belgians so much and so it's great to get feedback and this was an interesting email on the subject by Charles Mathiesen - Haelen was a Belgian victory in 1914

Dear Ralph
As I am sure you know, the Belgian artillery tableau of which you posted a picture yesterday is in the army museum in Brussels. The triptych painting in the background depicts the battle of Haelen in August 1914. There is quite a lot of information about Haelen at
For pics of reenactors at Haelen, go to
I attach a photo from that site.
I recently discovered that quite a comprehensive range of 1914 Belgians is made by Brigade Models:
I think these figures were used for the Belgians in an August 1914 game put on by the South East Essex Military Society at Salute this year. I attach two pics.
Best wishes,


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