Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Alma report by Lucille

Many thanks to Lucille of the 3eme Zouaves for these great images (previously unseen) and the very intersting and useful report. Much appreciated.


This weekend there was Battle of Alma reenactment where participants from Great Britain, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine took part.

During this week the field near Alma museum complex became the scene where episodes from XIX-th century life were played.

Except reconstruction of the battle, there were two historical camps — Russian Army Camp and general camp of French and British armies.

Life in camps has been subordinated to rigid requirements. Reenactors aspired to recreate a life of soldiers of armies participating in the Crimean war as much as possible. Ware, tents, drinks, eating and camp equipment were corresponded to their historical prototypes from the second half of 19 century. All modern things like plastic bottles, packings, cell phones etc. have been remained in tents till the end of the event. Near each camp there were twenty-four-hours guard to keep the order and to protect the camp from unsuspected sallies of enemy soldiers.

Reenactment of Battle of Alma itself gathered over 100 participants among which there were such clubs as 57th Foot (West Middlesex) Regiment (Great Britain), Borodinskiy regiment (Russia), the Minsk infantry regiment (Ukraine and Belarus), 3 regiment of zouaves (ukrainian devision), 18 line infantry regiment (Russia) and 7 line infantry regiment (Ukraine) etc.

Speaking in general, reconstruction has passed very successfully. Comparing with last year reenactment, the whole level has considerably grown and the quantity of participants has increased. We will hope that the theme of the Crimean war reenactment will successfully develop from year to year further.


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Lucille (3eme Regiment de Zouave reenactment group, Sevastopol)


  1. Excellent construction! It was very interesting!

  2. a pity, there is no group from France ...

  3. Apparently a few years back Unif Europe did send zouaves ( the ones that were at Sully , Patrick). That being said if you want to create a group " je suis ton homme". And Paco is interested too...André, French Mess.

  4. that's an exciting idea. Let's think of what would be good to do.

  5. Andre I'm already reenacting 6 or 7 era (and perhaps 10 different uniforms) !!! a new group ??? my wife says "NO !!!"

  6. Siaba, julian, andfon, we are three to want to reenacy french criéan troops!

    Patrick allez !!!!!dit oui !!!!