Monday, 2 August 2010

Siege of Antwerp 1832

I didn't know about the Siege of Antwerp which the French participated in. They tested out Paixhan's Monster Mortar during the siege which took place against a Dutch garrison. I found this on Google books
The Siege Of Antwerp, 1832.— The king of Holland having refused to evacuate the citadel of Antwerp, in conformity with the terms agreed on by the powers which had arranged the separation of Belgium from Holland, the French, under marshal Gerard, advanced upon the place in the autumn of 1832, to the number of 70,000. The citadel was defended by general Chasse: and 45,000 men. The besiegers broke ground on the 29th of November; and on the 24th of December the place surrendered. General Chasse behaved with great valour, and was eventually left with no roof to protect him : but military men regard the defence as wanting plan, although every Dutchman appeared to do his duty during the contest. The Dutch lost 500, and the French 200 men.

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