Sunday, 8 August 2010

Robert E Lee

It is hard not to like Robert E Lee. Even the most committed Yankee would probably yield to the fact that he was a man of integrity and skill. Today is the day he tended his resignation after his defeat at Gettysburg.
I must admit to not knowing much about the Civil War - I haven't for instance seen this photo of him mounted on Traveler in 1866 before.


  1. He was real gentlemen but a "distant" figure.

  2. The picture of Lee on his war horse Traveler is has been circulated for many, many years.

    The horse traveled with Lee to Lexington after the War, when/where Lee assumed the presidency of Washington College in August, 1865.

    Traveler was quartered in a small horse stall adjoining the President's house on the Campus of the College. It was later to become a garage in modern times.

    I had the privilege of living across the street from Traveler's home (and the President's house) when I was a freshman at Washington and Lee University in 1957.

    Traveler remains are buried on the grounds of Lee Chapel, opposite the Colonnade of the University.