Tuesday 17 August 2010

Photo of French troops

Here's an interesting photo sent by Patrick who incidentally has a great Youtube channel - it's of French troops 2nd Empire but other than that I don't know. Maybe some of you might know?


  1. Ralph

    This photo of French Second Empire soldiers was taken at the camp of Chalons in about 1861. The soldiers in the foreground are Chasseurs à Pied, and the photo was used to illustrate an article by Louis Delpérier on the Chasseurs in the French magazine Uniformes (No. 86, February 1985).

    In his caption to the picture, M. Delpérier (who is the doyen of experts on Second Empire uniforms) points out that the soldier on the far left is wearing the chasseur shako and trousers from the 1845 uniform regulations, while the others are dressed in accordance with the 1860 regulations. The figure at the far right is an officer.

    Several of the soldiers in the background appear to be zouaves. It looks as if the chasseurs are putting on a demonstration of bayonet drill, which was very much a chasseur speciality.


  2. So in this picture both of my chasseur uniforms are represented ! The article by Louis Delpérier describes these uniforms rather well but for full details you have to go to the Journal Militaire Officiel (JMO).
    Best regards