Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dutkins Lil Army Molds

These are new to me - just discovered on Chris' Funny Little Wars blog which uses them as the basis for conversions. They are 54mm molds and they do ACW, WW1 and all sorts including Foreign Legion. See the range here. (Their website is a little temperamental so if it doesn't work try later)


  1. I have a few Dutkins molds, the modern US troops range. The molds are very well made and they cast free of rework, no small thing. Regarding the scale and quality of the original master sculpt, things are more variable, so all I can advise is check the photos as closely as you can.


  2. Gregg Metternich5 February 2011 at 22:04

    I found this site by 'Googling' Li'l Army molds. I've bought almost all the molds (75%) over the last 18 years. The more you have, the more you can do with conversions. Don't be alarmed or put off by photos of painted figures. Most of the catalogue figures are not painted well. Often, I've cast a figure even if the photo wasn't that great...I've rarely been disappointed. You can lose yourself in whatever you choose to paint. Sculpting, as noted, has changed thru the years and is variable. Some figures are stupendous (Advancing WW1 German/photographed above) is incredibly accurate. Again, look beyond the cat. painting. Other sculpting can be .. goofy. Yet, I've always found all fun. If anyone reads this message in a bottle, I've probably done more with these molds over the over 30 years I've been casting and I know them all intimately. Contact me for **any** questions.