Sunday 15 August 2010

Bavarians in 1866

Presumably the Raupenhelm wasn't worn in this conflict?


  1. Ralph,

    No, it wasn't. In 1866, Bavarian infantry wore caps as shown in this plate. There is a useful booklet The Royal Bavarian Army in the Seven Weeks War by John Pocock, published in 2003 by the Continental Wars Society. It covers the uniforms and organisation of the Bavarian army during the war, as well as its operations. Copies should be available from Caliver Books and from Helion.


  2. You can imagine that in Germany there are a lot of old books available describing the River Main campaign of 1866. Our own civil war.

    The battle at Kitzingen 1866 is a very interesting one. BTW, the Bavarians with their Podewill gun took a heavier toll on the Prussians than the Austrians did. And we had not such stupid tactics as attacking in column with the bajonett against the rapid firing Prussians...