Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Battle of Dybbøl 1864

Battle fought in the 2nd Schleswig War I thought I'd post this clip of a comedy routine on hand grenades from a Danish tv show by the look of it - don't worry about the language - you don't need to speak Danish to get the punchline. Apparently the Battle of Dybbøl is celebrated every 18th April in period uniforms. Also see - see here for an introductory movie
The battle saw the use of espingols - a Danish secret weapon that did pretty well. Danish army uniforms 1864


  1. O_O

    Great visual humor, particularly the depiction of the effects of a hand grenade explosion, but I'm dying for a translation from Danish as to what could possibly be interpreted as, "Stick this between your legs".

  2. Translation:
    00:14 Soldiers!
    00:16 00:18- We have reached a turning point of the war
    00:19-00:27 We have a new revolutionary weapon in our hands. The handgrenade. With this little thing we will be able to anihilate the enemy.
    00:27 Eeeh.... How is it... eeh?
    00:28 Ehm. You simply pull that little pin out, count to 10, and then things will happen.