Monday 16 August 2010

American Conquest Divided Nation

Couple of posts on digital games. Real time strategy seems an ideal medium for the shocking attrition in the Civil War. This game by CDV is part of a series that started with Cossacks: European wars. This is gameplay so you get some idea of what it's like. Haven't played it but the earlier incarnations I have and they are based played online with real opponents. Wiki says

American Conquest: Divided Nation is the second stand-alone expansion to American Conquest. It features four new nations in a new timeline: The Union, The Confederacy, The Republic of Texas and Mexico, and more than 120 new units. Old factions cannot fight new ones. The game also brings a host of new features to the game, such as horse artillery, field fortifications, tents, and generals. Players can experience battles entirely new to the RTS Genre, from the Battle of Alamo to Battle of Gettysburg.

Modification: The most significant modification for American Conquest: Divided Nation is the Hawks' Divided Nation Mod (HDN) which features realistic multiplayer battles with extensive changes to the combat simulation and an extension to the game engine.


  1. This one looks better. Two rank lines with file closers behind plus the figures look like they are reloading.