Monday, 19 July 2010

Skirmish drill in the Mist

Thought with all this talk of Chasseurs we ought to have a drill session. This group are captured practicing skirmishing at the American Museum Bath under a shroud of morning mist. Just up the road from where I live, though I didn't see this, sadly. The American Eagles Society seem to be the society represented on this clip.


  1. Nice to know the British reenactors say "BANG" as well. Other comments on YOUTUBE note that they should not have fixed bayonets during the firing sequences drill, unless they "Rally" against cavalry. I've done this drill dozens of times and it take lots of practice to get men to work together to do what looks "informal." Lot's of work for the NCOs as well.

    One problem is getting men to stay in one line when extended. Some men take the required paces and others try to "take Richmond" when advancing. That's in reenacting of course. The British unit looks pretty good!

  2. My group, the French mess, were present there (I can recognize my friends on the film) but sadly I could not make it. This is the tirailleur or skirmish drill, straight from the 1845 chasseur manual. When Jan Berger is there, we get the commands by bugle (if however, we can recognize the calls,which is a bit difficult if you hear them once per year...)

  3. "....which is a bit difficult if you hear them once per year..."

    That's the truth! At events in the States buglers will sound a call and then someone will announce what it just was. Same with drum calls.