Monday, 26 July 2010

Hat Industrie 1/32 Napoleonics

I really like the look of these new figures Hat are putting out and so I have been looking at what potential conversions are possible. What I like about them is they are differentiating between marching and action poses. At last! The bane of 1/32 has been the flying crazy action poses and this enables one to do a decent unit. So what can be done for this era? Well I think the French elites in greatcoats might with a headswop make a decentish French infantryman of the 1840s. A kepid head could have it made into a casquette d'Afrique and then it's off to fight in Algeria.
Paco Fait Le Zouave
Talking of fighting in Algeria a blog I discovered today is Paco Fait le Zouave it's all about making an 1830s Algerian wargame. Great stuff.


  1. Hi Ralph
    Paco is another member of our group the French Mess/20th Maine infantry, and his other hobby is centered on the conquest of Algeria. Where did you get this picture from?

  2. Small world. His is a great blog. The image was pinched from here