Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Emhar 19th century in 1/72

Emhar listing at Plastic Soldier Review where this image of Prussians is from.
I have to admit that I am quite a fan of these figures. They have a couple of sets for the Franco-Prussian war and a couple for the Crimea - with two - Zouaves and French infantry that cover both. They are moulded in a hardish plastic that has a memory so many of the poses are specifically designed to be bent into a pose. Quite groundbreaking stuff really but Emhar doesn't really promote its products that well - there's no website or place for people to send in their photos so they seem to be not as popular as they could be. I've only painted the French 1854-70 infantry and they were excellent with separate backpacks that fit on a peg. Must get some more.

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