Thursday, 15 July 2010

Alma Figures - 1/32 (54mm) Crimean War

I like the look of this range of figures. They are metal kits sculpted with a toy soldier aesthetic and they often come with variant heads and so forth recreating British, French Russian and Turkish infantry plus some artillery. They cost 8 Euros for foot figures, 12 for standard bearers and 16 for cannon. They are beginning to produce gloss painted versions for sale - so far Zouaves and British Guards are available. Check them out at the new under construction website which has the listings and plenty of images. I think they'd make great skirmish figures - maybe get some Armies in Plastic Crimean cavalry to go with them.

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  1. I saw a good number of the British figures in various stages of painting over on the Tree Frog Treasures (a toy soldier dealer) forum.

    It's a very long post but this lots of photos of the great miniatures.