Sunday, 20 June 2010

Turkish army in 1/72

Been chatting to Uwe of the History in 1/72 blog about some of his and his friends' projects around this period. They go to great lengths converting and commissioning new sculpts of figures they need and they do choose quite obscure projects. Modeller Hank has already done the battle of Kalafat 1853 between the Russians and the Turks. Part 1 is here and there are more parts on the Strelets-R contributions page. Excellent stuff. Part 2 here

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  1. Hi Ralph,I appreciate your work also.I love the warfare in the steam era.iT is most fascinating and you present it very well thankyou.

    I anticipate November 2010 Kalafat-Finale 1854, 4,000+ figures of the major Kalafat campaign, Battle of Cetate.

    I am only waiting Uwe and Andys turkish figures(10 of which will be the elite Egyptian contingent i ask them for 600 of these and 200 of the anatolian).But i know they are busy with other projects eg Fredrcksberg acw etc. So i wait.At least teh forst 10 figures are made.I really want the second 10 figures by 600 you will see why.

    So I think it will be another 2-3 month.But i am ready when they are to conclude the project.
    Maybe a silistra one next.

    I have already practiced to set up the battlefield ,it has got bigger 20x20.Hopefully it will be okay,but it is a backdrop only for the figures.

    i have done a mule train mule ambulance and kamel train kamel ambulance also.So there is many little scenarios making teh big picture in the finale.

    I do this is my way to thank strelets for making these CW/RTW figures i get so much enjoyment from.

    keep up the good work and thanks for the usefull links.HanK