Saturday, 5 June 2010

Garden wargaming 1918 style

I have an interest in this subject as I have more garden than I need, and the idea of being out with a cider on a sunny day playing a game has always been an intention. Reading the other day about Edwardians cutting trenches out of lawns using a pen-knife reminded me of my project the other year or so - 1918 in 1/35 scale. I based the figures on washers which I painted black and gave the troops a rudimentary paint job. I used Emhar figures and also the kits made by ICM. Emhar do an excellent range of tanks and figures for the scale - they aren't perfect but I liked them.
I didn't get very far with it but the idea is worth passing on. I did a quick look on the blogs for any articles that might have a similar approach and found this page with some Napoleonic troops done for a similar purpose.
List of Emhar products

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