Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Chasseur d'Afrique and other tales (1864)

Image Chasseurs d'Afrique in the Crimea - Fenton

Book here. By Hugh Mulleneux Walmsley this book which I haven't read yet looks interesting covering the war in Italy. Having a quick glance it looks very interesting with accounts of Solferino and much more.
Also published in the 1860s was the bestseller Under Two Flags about
The Hon. Bertie Cecil's service in the regiment in Africa - a kind of mounted Beau Geste. Read it here
1936 movie of the book wiki
See close-up photos of an officer's spencer from 62 here

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  1. Claudette Colbert looked really cute as "Cigarette", the cantiniere. Great old movie but not on "Netflix."