Tuesday, 11 May 2010

'Musiques, fanfares and Noubas (whatever they are)

I have this obscure 1969 French vinyl lp 'L'Armee d'Afrique' - bought years ago - it has some interesting marches on it - one that makes me curious is one called 'Charge des Chasseurs d'Afrique' a Floing' but I can't find anything about it other than it's written by Gossez. There's also one called 'Marche des Zouaves' (Marin) and others like 'Cavalerie d'Afrique' (Verdi), 'Marche des Tirailleurs' (Menichetti) and many others. I would maybe try and put them up on the internet but I am a little worried people might get the wrong idea of what I am trying to say and think I'm a colonialist or something. If anyone wants to buy it - get in touch.

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