Thursday, 8 October 2009

El Vuelo Del Aguila - Flight of the Eagle - Part 1

There's the whole series on Youtube. I don't know this but it looks like a miniseries set partly during the French intervention in Mexico - told from a Mexican angle - rather than a Western - scanning through the episodes there are some pretty good bits - so I would say worth checking out.

If you just want to watch a battle scene from the French intervention one starts here with French Zouaves here and follows on here

The comment on the IMDB says this
This is probably the best accomplished "historic" Soap-Opera produced in Mexico. As close to Roots as possible, it is historic because it goes along some key developments in late 19th- early 20th Century Mexican history, trying to relate those facts in the lives of both historical figures and fictional characters who provide the Soap-Opera approach with the standard romantic plots of this kind of productions.Although the approach and premises of the series were contested in some academic circles in Mexico, the production as well as the script are good enough to provide a fair perspective of how Mexico was in the years considered, but especially of why the country came to be what it is now.

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