Monday, 12 October 2009

Belgian Foreign Legion 1865

Legion Belge by Charles Dominique Oscar Lahalle (1832-1909)

I wonder if they're planning any 150th anniversaries of the campaigns in Mexico of c1865? . This would be in 2015? Anyway this is an interesting photo of Belgian Foreign Legion. The Battle of Tacámbaro

I reckon the first place to start researching this campaign is the Osprey The Mexican Adventure 1861-67 by Rene Chartrand and Richard Hook - two of the best contributors Osprey have.

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  1. We just did the 1862 Battle of Puebla in Austin, Tx. Had some great French impressions but want some as seen in this pic. Wish we could see more of these uniforms in color or at least notes indicating color of the jackets, etc.

    Love this website by the way!