Thursday, 15 October 2009

Alma figures Crimean War 54mm

This range of 54mm kits, sculpted by Gary Higgins son of Les, look well worth investigating. I don't think they have a webpage yet but this forum has details of the figures and an email address which I think is for more information (the company has recently changed hands - the new owner is Michel Mardasson. He says
The range currently includes soldiers of the following armies/troops: - British : Guards, Highanders, Line Infantry, Rifles - French : Zouaves, Light Infantry - Russian : Infantry and Artillery - Turk : Line Infantry Most of the kits come with a variation of heads, equipments, arms... this allows a huge number of variation in the figures. And I have plans to extend the range but its too soon to say more about that. Some of the kits are already available. For the others, I'm in the process of making some new castings made by a renowned company.